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SSSSeal is a main character in Octopus' Adventures: Palm Springs, Octopus' Adventures 2, and Octopus' Adventures 3.

Some attributes
First Full name: SSSSeal
Second Appearances: Octopus' Adventures: Palm Springs, Octopus' Adventures 2, Octopus' Adventures 3.
Third Vehicles: Boat, White Mustang (stolen), Jeep, Motorhome.
Other attributes
Fourth Family: SSSSnake (possibly), SSSSnake

Life in Octopus' Adventures: Palm Springs[]

SSSSeal badly injured Bernard The Bear and later got caught by Cops. Luckily, Darth Vader killed the cop so they wouldn't get arrested. SSSSeal later goes on his Boat to go to Elvie's house before she leaves to an unknown location. SSSSeal goes on a Yacht later in the series, and kills a cop because he wanted to go back on the yacht. Octopus saves the cop, but it's too late. When the cop needs to go pee, he escapes. He later meets Minion #1 and Minion #2. SSSSeal later goes to kill Darth Vader. After that, he goes to L.A with his friends. Since he can't fit in the Mini Cooper S, he goes on the top. He watches Octopus go back to Canada in his Plane.

Life after Octopus' Adventures: Palm Springs[]

Most of his life after Octopus' Adventures: Palm Springs is unknown. It is possible that he bought a motorhome in between Octopus' Adventures Palm Springs and Octopus' Adventures 2.

Life in Octopus' Adventures 2[]

SSSSeal returns in Octopus' Adventures 2. When he meets Octopus, he is blacked out. SSSSeal takes him in his Motorhome to rest. He runs into Bernard The Bear, who was an old friend. SSSSeal was also recognized by several people, including a turtle who stole Octopus' mini cooper. He later hides in a bathroom to avoid being arrested. After a while, SSSSeal decides it is time to go to prison, which he does, until Octopus meets him with a pardon form. SSSSeal then collects guitar picks, then watches Octopus and Crab as they leave. SSSSeal does not return again for a very long time, and works with Turtle, and fights Crab's army after being betrayed. SSSSeal then drives his motorhome to Palm Springs while Octopus, Doggy, Dragon, and Bear drive in the Jeep.

Life in Octopus' Adventures 3[]

SSSSeal once again returns in Octopus' Adventures 3 as a main character, being more caring to Bernard The Bear than anyone else.


  • According to Bernard The Bear, SSSSeal is an alien seal, and that there are more seals other than SSSSeal, but they are never seen.
  • It is possible that SSSSeal gets frustrated easily, as he nearly killed Bernard, and pushed a cop into water after not being allowed in the Yacht a second time.